Cafe Project

This  page is dedicated to updates regarding the “New Cafe” project that is being started in Chester.  Please check for updates as we have them.

For now, here a set of Frequently Asked Questions and Replies:

Q: Why is Chester considering a new Café?
A. Don and Janet have done a great job in keeping the café open for many years and kept the Foote’s name relevant for many customers. The reality is the building is old and not in the condition to remain viable for many more years. The building will need leasehold improvements in the coming years. Don and Janet don’t own the building and the lessor has no interest in improving the building.

Q: How will the funds be raised?
A. Chester is currently a member of the Nebraska Community Foundation. The Foundation will do all of the items that are required to maintain the non-profit status for the community. Any donations that are given will be 100% tax deductible.

Q: Has a location been determined?
A. No. The desired location would be the corner of Hwy 81 and Hwy 8 (Old Sundowner location). Mike Stichka from C&M Supply currently owns the corner. He has agreed to meet with the community to determine if it can be worked out. That location is important due to the fact that the city has plumbing and sewer to the location, and Hwy 81 traffic is crucial to success.

Q: What will happen to the money if the café is not built?
A. Initially, all money raised will be designated for the café project. If it is determined that the project cannot be completed, the money will be used for community improvement projects such as parks or other community first projects.

Q: What is the time frame for completion?
A. That is a question that is hard to answer. The best guess if the community is all in on the project, year 1 would be used to determine location, get a plan for the building, and begin the fundraising. Year 2,3, and maybe 4 would be used to complete fundraising and build the café. It will take longer to complete due to the fact that many volunteers will be needed to bring the costs within a reasonable level. That being said, 2, 3 maybe 4 years from January 1, 2018 could be the date. It takes time to complete a project like this.

Q: Will the new Café be named Foote’s and will the food be the same?
A. We hope so. The community will be involved with this piece of it but Don and Janet will make any final determination.

Q: Will Don and Janet be involved in the new café?
A. We don’t know for sure. The community will work with them to determine that if they want to be involved once the new café is open.

Q: Will the new café serve alcohol?
A. We don’t know for sure. With the loss of the Sundowner, there are reasons to want to serve alcohol, but that will need to be determined with community input, prior to the fundraising portion of the project.

Q: What can I do to help with this project?
A. Support Don and Janet at the current Foote Cafe location. It is important that the current location stays open and the community doesn’t wake up one morning and the café is closed for good. Support the new project as it is a good thing for the community long term. Be patient as a project as big as this takes time to complete.

Footes Cafe in Chester Nebraska