Chester Civic Information

City Hall
Chester City Hall
621 Thayer Avenue
Chester, NE 68327

Village Phone—–(402) 324-5755
FAX————–(402) 324-7561

Business Hours:
8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. 1st-15th
9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. 16th-20th

Chester is served by Thayer County Law Enforcement, located in Hebron.
The Thayer County Sheriff can be contacted at 402-768-6139 or 911 for emergencies.
Chester is served by a volunteer fire department.
Several E.M.T.’s and first responders provide emergency medical and ambulance services to the Chester, Hubbell and Byron communities. For emergencies call 911.

The North City Park offers:

Fenced in park equipment Tennis court
Basketball hoop Football field
Softball/Baseball field Free overnight camping hookups
Covered picnic shelter with bathrooms

Water is supplied by the Village of Chester’s wells.
Electricity is supplied by Nebraska Public Power District. 1-800-422-7754
Natural Gas is supplied by Kinder Morgan Inc. Energy. 1-800-363-0012
Telephone service is provided by Great Plains Communications. 1-888-343-8013
Cable service is provided by Galaxy Cablevision. 1-800-365-6988

Post Office
US Post Office 511 Thayer Ave 402-324-8755

Village Officials (to be updated)

Title Name Method of Selection Term of Office
Board Chairperson Joe Carbonneau
(402) 324-8021
Elected 4 years
Board of Trustees (4) Don Wassom

Roger Crouse

Elected 4 years
City Clerk/Treasurer Judy Smith
(402) 324-5755
Appointed 1 year
Village Superintendent Raymond Wit