Postcards from the Past

A Postcard History of Chester, Nebraska

A photographic history of Chester is available through many of the postcards produced. Through the magic of ebay, I am able to locate them from all over the country. Below is a sampling of what was printed over the years, and gives you an idea of days gone by. Many of these postcards were taken by Edward Hermle – of Chester. I’d love to see his archives!

Click on the images below to see a larger file. The year listed is the year that the postcard was mailed.

City View
Unknown – A new bank is being built – which later became the post office and finally a funeral home. This is on the west side of Thayer.
City View
1911 – A city view looking northwest along Thayer Avenue. Looks like a busy day with all the horses and carriages on the main drag.
 City View
1912 – This view looks NE from where the rail yards would be. A good view of the water tower and the Lunch Room.
City View
1910 – A city view looking north along Thayer Avenue. Some buildings like the school are still around today.
 City View
1910 – This view looks NE from where the rail yards would be.
Main Street
1909 – Downtown Chester had all the businesses needed in a small, young town. This looking SE on Thayer Avenue.
 City Hall
1922 – North of downtown on the west side of the road is the city hall – still in use today.
1910 – A view of the Burlington Railroad yard on the south end of town. Looking east. This image shows cars from CB&Q line.
 Railyard in Chester
1910 – Another view of the rail yards looking west.
Chester NE School
Circa 1907 – This is how the school looked when first built.
 Chester School
1911 – another shot of the original school – it seems like the trees grew in quick.
School Building
Unknown – By now the school has had an extension added that includes the gym in the est end basement.
1953 – By now the school was established had full grown trees surrounding it.
Sell Pharmacy
Unknown – Sell Pharmacy was the hot spot on Thayer where kids could get their sodas.
 Methodist Church
1912 – The Methodist Church is on Thayer and is still active.